Sharing hobbies can strengthen your relationship.


Researchers have long known that couples that practice hobbies together can be happier. The shared experience of doing an activity that each enjoys can strengthen the relationship. Sounds easy, but it can also lead to a lot of tension and conflict if not done properly. Sometimes people meet via their shared passion, but more often one partner introduces the other into their favorite hobby. And there one needs to treat the other with patience and respect. You should never force your partner into your hobby. When one partner is an expert and the other a novice, it is very important to take you time as you make your introduction to your sport or hobby. The most important component is praise. Always remember to give your partner credit for all their progress as they learn. While you may be a black diamond skier, give them encouragement as they manage not to crash into a tree on the bunny slope! Also if your favorite hobby turns out not to be for them, don’t treat it like a failure. Just try something different. The key is that the two of you are trying something together.

The team at Valenti International are experts at helping people come together. While we do look at shared hobbies as a factor in matching successful, healthy people together, it is a more minor one. What matters more is that compatibility in lifestyle and attitude towards life. These more profound values are where people can connect. When two individual fall in love and cherish each other, there is a natural acceptance and excitement for what matters to their partner. A successful couple can be very happy even if they have very different hobbies, but there is always a middle ground where they enjoy something together. Acceptance and excitement are powerful elements in a relationship. So give new hobbies a try! You may find that you no only like it, you may find you love you partner more!


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