How To Stop Expectations From Hurting Your Relationship

It is natural to have certain expectations in your romantic relationships. But if you allow them to stay hidden and unexpressed, it is quite easy for expectations to put undue stress and hurt an otherwise healthy relationship.

There can be expectations related to how much connection the two partners have, as well as expectations about how much passion or physical intimacy there should be in the relationship. People can also have expectations about destiny, for example believing that two people are meant to be together vs. working on their relationship. People can also expect things to move at different paces in a relationship.

When people also compare their own relationship to their ideals, it can lead them to feel more satisfied, or can be an impulse to work on things to make them better. However, when people compare their current relationship to another potential relationship, unmet expectations can lead people to flee a troubled or unsatisfying relationship before giving it a chance. It may seem easier to move on from a relationship rather than open up and discuss what you really want in a relationship.

The team at Valenti Matchmaking always encourages you to be open and honest in your relationships. Being able to talk about your expectations can help you feel more validated and understood in your relationships. It may not necessarily mean that all of your expectations will be met, as there is always compromise in a healthy relationship. But being able to share your wants and desires with the person you love and help the two of you get even closer than ever.


We found this interesting article that include a link to in depth study about how expectations can sometimes hurt relationships.




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