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Long distance relationships can have their challenges, but Valenti Matchmaking has seen many successful relationships overcome vast distances. Our world is shrinking and many people look for dating and relationship opportunities outside of their hometowns. Many smart, professional singles also split their times across the country and overseas. While being highly mobile can limit one’s personal time, it can also open up opportunities to meet amazing people all over. 

Maintaining a long-distance relationship requires a specific approach to make sure that things do not fade away. Communication is important, but how you keep in touch also has a big effect. Both sides of the couple should still feel close, but at the same time, free to live their lives. Trusting is vital, as well as being open and honest with each other. Frank discussions about being exclusive and about future goals can add a sense of security over the miles apart. 

The matchmakers at Valenti are experts in helping amazing people navigate the challenges of finding love across the country or across the world. Our concierge experience makes meeting, easier, romantic and successful! 

The team of matchmakers found this article that spells out some very clear and specific actions you can do that will help your long distance, romantic relationship. 


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