Professional, respectful and thorough from the start Irene and her staff have been more than professional, respectful and thorough from the start. They take a thoughtful approach in making sure to understand what I am seeking in a life partner. Their introductions so far have been with high quality men who i probably would not...

Irene and Karina were super helpful and I had a great date tonight. I feel like a lot of people complain because we live in a microwave society where we want things now! But people are not pastries, and dating/searching takes time it’s a process. Trust the process and stick to it. She is a...

  Long distance relationships can have their challenges, but Valenti Matchmaking has seen many successful relationships overcome vast distances. Our world is shrinking and many people look for dating and relationship opportunities outside of their hometowns. Many smart, professional singles also split their times across the country and overseas. While being highly mobile can limit...

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