The team at Valenti is always on the search for useful ways to enhance your relationships.  We found this helpful article illustrating how humor can have a positive impact on your relationships! The right kind of jokes can make or break a relationship  Everyone says they want a sense of humor when they’re looking for...

Communication is the foundation to a healthy relationship. This is something everyone has heard, but how do you develop an open communication style with your loved one?  Things tend to get emotionally charged when there is an argument or disagreement with your partner, so clear, supportive communication can be tricky sometimes. Like any skill, there...

The team at Valenti Matchmaking knows that finding the right partner is one of life’s most difficult, but rewarding chapters in life. But how do you know who is the right lady for you? Is it a passing infatuation or true love?  Our expert matchmakers found this very helpful article that describes 9 different characteristics...

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